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, Volume 25, Issue 34, pp 33901–33910 | Cite as

Particulate matter air pollution and respiratory impact on humans and animals

  • Caterina LosaccoEmail author
  • Antonella Perillo
Review Article


Air pollution is now fully acknowledged to be a public health problem and a social issue. Particulate matter (PM) concentration has been linked with several clinical manifestations of pulmonary and cardiovascular diseases and is associated with morbidity and mortality induced by respiratory diseases both in human and animals. Current research on airborne particle-induced health effects investigates the critical characteristics of particulate matter that determine their biological effects. Scientific evidence assessed that the size of the airborne particles and their surface area determine the potential to elicit inflammatory injury, oxidative damage, and other biological effects. Thus, the present review paper aims to summarize the current evidences and findings on the effect of air pollution on lung function in both humans and animals.


Particulate matter Public health Environment Air pollution Biomolecular Morphopathology 


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