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Correction to: Facile synthesis of carbon-coated layered double hydroxide and its comparative characterisation with Zn–Al LDH: application on crystal violet and malachite green dye adsorption—isotherm, kinetics and Box-Behnken design

  • Giphin George
  • Manickam Puratchiveeran SaravanakumarEmail author

Correction to: Environmental Science and Pollution Research

The original publication of this paper contains an error.

The correct Figure 8 is shown in this paper.

The original article has been corrected.

Fig. 8

Proposed adsorption mechanisms of (a) CV and (b) MG onto the C–Zn–Al LDH

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  • Giphin George
    • 1
  • Manickam Puratchiveeran Saravanakumar
    • 1
    Email author
  1. 1.School of Civil and Chemical EngineeringVellore Institute of TechnologyVelloreIndia

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