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Uptake effects of toxic heavy metals from growth soils into jujube and persimmon of China

  • Yuewen Zheng
  • Danyu Shen
  • Shutian Wu
  • Yongxiang Han
  • Shiliang Li
  • Fubin Tang
  • Zhanglin Ni
  • Runhong Mo
  • Yihua LiuEmail author
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Compared with other agricultural plants, information about uptake effects of toxic heavy metals from growth soils into persimmon and jujube are scarce. In this study, the single and comprehensive uptake effects of five toxic heavy metals (Pb, As, Cd, Cr, and Hg) between the two fruits and their growth soils were investigated. The results showed that the average concentrations of heavy metals in the two fruits were found to be 30 (Pb), 6.6 (As), 2.3 (Cd), 38 (Cr), and 0.33 (Hg) μg/kg, respectively. The average concentrations of heavy metals in their growth soils were 26.31 (Pb), 9.63 (As), 0.12 (Cd), 57.6 (Cr), and 0.049 (Hg) mg/kg, respectively. An uptake effect was observed for the two fruits. The values of Nemerow pollution index (NPI) in the two fruits and their growth soils were 0.10 and 0.55, respectively. The average bioconcentration factor (BCF) values of Pb, As, Cd, Cr, and Hg in the two fruits were 0.0012, 0.00075, 0.021, 0.00077, and 0.012, respectively. Based on the residue levels of toxic heavy metals in the growth soils and soil parameters, the prediction models for NPI and BCF were established, with the adjusted regression coefficients of 0.65 (NPI) and 0.81 (BCF). The contribution rates of different soil parameters to NPI were 21.7% (OC), 16.1% (Pb), 17.1% (Cr), 19.8% (Cd), and 25.4% (As), respectively. The contribution rates of different soil parameters to BCF were 10.2% (OC), 9.4% (Cr), and 80.4% (Cd), respectively.


Persimmon Jujube Heavy metal Uptake effect Prediction model 


Funding information

This study was supported by the Fundamental Research Funds of CAF (CAFYBB2017QC002) and the Special Fund for Forestry Scientific Research in the Public Interest (201304705).

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The authors declare that there are no conflicts of interest.

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  1. 1.Research Institute of Subtropical ForestryChinese Academy of ForestryFuyangChina

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