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Book Review

  • Manqian LiaoEmail author
  • Hong Jiao
Book Review

PRICE, L. R. (2016). Psychometric Methods: Theory into Practice. New York: The Guilford Press. 552 pp. US$72.25. ISBN: 9781462524778.

Psychological measurement plays a key role in a variety of research studies such as in education, psychology, behavioral science, and health. In these domains, the broad topics covered under the general heading of psychometrics, which is the science of evaluating the psychological tests, is increasingly valued. Understanding the rationale behind the development of quality psychological tests is crucial to properly interpreting the results from the tests and making valid inferences. A systematic and comprehensive introduction to such knowledge is needed not only by assessment professionals in education but also by applied researchers whose work involves instrument development.

The book titled Psychometric methods: Theory into practice by Price (2016) is one of such books that serve this purpose. This book is one of the volumes in the Methodology in Social...


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