An adaptive fractal-based image coding with hierarchical classification strategy and its modifications

  • Utpal NandiEmail author
S.I. : CSI2017


Fractal-based image coding is one of the efficient methods for grayscale image since the reconstructed images are resolution independent and also has low reconstruction time. This paper discusses the efficiency of hierarchical classification strategy for fractal image coding that uses adaptive quadtree partitioning. The scheme forms two level hierarchical domain groups and ranges are matched with similar hierarchical domain class. The fractal image coding technique with hierarchical classification strategy is then modified also to improve the compression ratio by using an efficient loss-less coding scheme OLZW on fractal compressed image. A variant of OLZW, i.e., MOLZW is also applied for the same. These modified variants show their significant improvements in compression ratio without degradation of image quality.


Fractal image coding Hierarchical classification PSNR Loss-less coding Adaptive quadtree partitioning 



We would like to thank to the Department of Computer Science, Vidyasagar University, Paschim Medinipur, for providing infrastructure.


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