A novel multi-dimensional encryption technique to secure the grayscale images and color images in public cloud storage

  • D. BoopathyEmail author
  • M. Sundaresan
S.I. : CSI2017


Image encryption is one of the techniques which is used to maintain the image confidentiality. Trust is needed to be created and retained in the cloud between the service provider and the end user. The existing image encryption methods are using a map structure, Rubik cube method, DCT-based approach and s-box designs. The existing algorithms are mostly designed with the concept of offline image encryption. While coming to the online encryption, the image encryption algorithms needed to be redefined with a lightweight approach with an improved security level or same security level of existing algorithms. These things are taken into consideration in the proposed multi-dimensional encryption technique design. The proposed technique is using two phases to perform the encryption. The proposed technique’s two phases are image pixel shuffling phase and image pixel rearrange phase. The proposed technique is already tested successfully on the standard grayscale images, and the results were obtained and it satisfied the objectives. In this paper, the proposed technique was tested on the standard color images and the gained results. Those results have been used to analyze the performance and efficiency of proposed technique with the existing technique, by using different parameters which include PSNR, MSE, information entropy, coefficient correlation, NPCR and UPCI.


Image encryption technique Decryption technique Image security Standard grayscale images Standard color images Cloud security 


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