Pharmaceuticals are back in the Game for OSA Treatment

Highlights from the 2019 American Thoracic Society (ATS) Conference in Dallas, Texas, and 2019 Affiliated Professional Sleep Societies Meeting (APSS) in San Antonio, Texas
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  • Petra G. Netzer
  • Kilian S. Hanika
  • Stephan Pramsohler
  • Arn H. Eliasson
Sleep Breathing Physiology and Disorders • Conference Report

From the ATS 2019

Pharmaceuticals for sleep apnea

Once upon a time, elder statesmen in medicine might remember, before continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) was invented almost 40 years ago, investigators tried to cure sleep apnea with medications: progesterone, theophylline, acetazolamide, and others. Then, this treatment approach was long forgotten. A charming prince came on a white horse and… No, seriously, it seems that pharmaceuticals are back in the game!

Why is there a resurgent interest in pharmaceuticals for sleep apnea? Clinicians may be experiencing frustration with the inability to improve adherence to the mechanical forms of treatment for sleep apnea, even though adherence rates are as high as with medications for other chronic diseases. Perhaps knowledge about the role of loop gain in sleep apnea is stimulating efforts to interrupt this maladaptive physiology. It may be the understanding that central apneas and mixed sleep apnea are difficult to treat with CPAP or...


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