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Odontogenic keratocyst and ameloblastoma: radiographic evaluation



To describe the radiographic features of odontogenic keratocysts (OKCs) and ameloblastomas and to compare the radiographic findings between these 2 lesions.


Radiographs of OKCs and ameloblastomas were retrospectively reviewed. Location, border, shape, association with impacted tooth, tooth displacement, root resorption, and bone expansion were evaluated. Chi-squared or Fisher’s exact tests were used for statistical analysis. A p value < 0.05 was considered to indicate statistical significance.


One hundred OKCs and 101 ameloblastomas were reviewed. The ratios of maxilla to mandible were 1:1.4 and 1:9.1 in OKCs and ameloblastomas, respectively. All evaluated features significantly differed between OKCs and ameloblastomas (p ≤ 0.001). Most OKCs showed smooth border (60%) and unilocular shape (82%), while most ameloblastomas showed scalloped border (77.2%) and multilocular shape (68.3%). Association with impacted tooth was found in 47% of OKCs and 18.8% of ameloblastomas. Adjacent tooth displacement was found in 33.7% of OKCs and 55.8% of ameloblastomas. Root resorption was more common in ameloblastomas (66.7%) than in OKCs (7%). Bone expansion was also more common in ameloblastomas (96.3%) than in OKCs (63.6%).


A unilocular radiolucent lesion with smooth border, no adjacent tooth displacement, no root resorption and causing mild or no bone expansion is suggestive of an OKC rather than an ameloblastoma.

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