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VIPER: an adaptive guidance and notification service system in internet of vehicles

  • Chyi-Ren DowEmail author
  • Duc-Binh Nguyen
  • Syuan Cheng
  • Po-Yu Lai
  • Shiow-Fen Hwang


In recent years, Internet of Vehicles has attracted increasing research attention, especially from the viewpoint of establishing effective information transmission methods to aid drivers and road users. Drivers can currently receive numerous types of assisted information. However, too much and cluttered information may affect their driving performance. Thus, effective guidance and notification services should be provided to drivers according to time, location, and events. For this purpose, we propose a Message Queue Telemetry Transport-based adaptive guide and notification service system called VIPER to provide driving assistance information. VIPER adaptively provides information to drivers and road users based on five conditions: Vehicle, points of Interest, People, Environment, and Roads. First, we establish a hierarchical grid architecture that is used to provide location-based services. Second, we collect information from the vehicles, roads, and environmental sensors to produce a weighted road network. Then, guide and notification services are provided based on this network. Thus, we can provide real-time driving assistance and help drivers to increase their safety and avoid traffic jams. We also analyze historical traffic data collected from vehicle detectors and accident data to estimate the safety and accident risk degrees of roads. To verify the feasibility of the proposed system, a system prototype is implemented to provide guidance and notification services. The experimental results show that our system can effectively assist drivers and road users and that it has a low system response time.


Internet of vehicles Message queue telemetry transport Adaptive service Guidance and notification service Weighted road networks 



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