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GStar: an efficient framework for answering top-k star queries on billion-node knowledge graphs

  • Jiahui JinEmail author
  • Junzhou Luo
  • Samamon Khemmarat
  • Fang Dong
  • Lixin Gao


Massive knowledge graphs, such as Linked Open Data or Freebase, contain billions of labeled entities and relationships. Star queries aim to identify an entity given a set of related entities, and they are common with massive knowledge graphs. It is important to find the best way to answer star queries, and we can do this by treating it as a graph pattern-matching problem. Because knowledge graphs are noisy and incomplete in nature, we must find answers that match the star pattern closely, and extract a precise match if possible. Thus, here we propose GStar, a framework to identify the top-k best answers for a star query. GStar effectively and efficiently answers top-k star queries on billion-node graphs through a novel query model, an index-free query algorithm, and a distributed query system. We evaluate GStar through experiments on real-world knowledge graphs. Experimental results show that our query model effectively answers real-life star-pattern queries; our query algorithm can answer top-k queries in a near-real-time manner without requiring expensive graph indices; and the distributed system scales well with both the graph size and number of machines used for computation.


Graph pattern matching Knowledge graphs Billion-node graphs Top-k query Big data Distributed system 



This work is supported by National Key R&D Program of China 2017YFB1003000, National Natural Science Foundation of China under Grants No. 61702096, No. 61632008, No. 61320106007, No. 61572129, No. 61602112, No. 61502097, No. 61370207 and No. 61702097; International S&T Cooperation Program of China No. 2015DFA10490; the Natural Science Foundation of Jiangsu Province under grant BK20170689; BK20160695 and Jiangsu Provincial Key Laboratory of Network and Information Security under Grants No.BM2003201; Key Laboratory of Computer Network and Information Integration of Ministry of Education of China under Grants No.93K-9; the Fundamental Research Funds for the Central Universities; and partially supported by Collaborative Innovation Center of Novel Software Technology and Industrialization and Collaborative Innovation Center of Wireless Communications Technology. This work is also partially supported by U.S. NSF grants CNS-1217284 and CCF-1018114. Jiahui Jin was a visiting student at UMass Amherst, supported by China Scholarship Council, when this work was performed. Any opinions, findings, conclusions or recommendations expressed in this paper are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of the sponsor. Preliminary version [14] of this paper appeared in Proceedings of the 20th IEEE International Conference on Parallel and Distributed Systems (ICPADS’14).


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  1. 1.School of Computer Science and EngineeringSoutheast UniversityNanjingChina
  2. 2.Department of Electrical and Computer EngineeringUniversity of Massachusetts AmherstAmherstUSA

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