Constrained Waveform Designing for MIMO RADAR Using Jaya Optimization

  • Pooja BhamreEmail author
  • Shilpi Gupta


Multiple Input Multiple Output RADAR system is proficient in forming desired beampattern by designing transmit waveforms. In this paper, Poly Phase coded waveforms are optimized both in space and time domain. Two separate cost functions are introduced for achieving (i) radiation null in the direction of jammer, undesired target etc. (ii) improved range resolution while considering orthogonality of the signal. The phase codes of the transmit waveforms are designed using ‘Jaya’ optimization algorithm. The proposed approach applied after optimization process satisfies the design constraint of creating discrete valued phases. The least radiation null notch of \(-124.4\) dB can be attained with the designed waveforms. Further, improvement in the matched filter response can be accomplished. Multi-objective decision making problem shows trade-off between different performance parameters. The approach is validated with mathematical modelling and numerical simulations.


Optimization Polyphase coded waveform RADAR signal processing 



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  1. 1.Department of Electronics and Communication EngineeringSVNITSuratIndia

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