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Dual-Band Linearly Polarized Integrated Dielectric Resonator Antenna for Wi-MAX Applications

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This article shows a dual-band ring di-electric resonator antenna for Wi-MAX applications. The suggested antenna is made up of several elements of ring di-electric resonator antenna and an improved polygon shaped slot antenna. A modified hexagonal polygon shaped is used as both radiator and excitation mechanism for ring DRA and its generate HE11δ mode in ring DRA. For the validation of simulated results, fabrication test has been done of suggested archetype radiator. The suggested radiator performs in following frequency bands like 2.9–3.6 GHz, 5.2–5.6 GHz respectively. The application of the presented antenna is WiMAX application.

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  • Dielectric resonator antenna
  • Slot antenna
  • Return loss
  • Dual band
  • WiMAX