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Using Information Centric Networking in Internet of Things: A Survey

  • Dorra MarsEmail author
  • Sonia Mettali Gammar
  • Abdelkader Lahmadi
  • Leila Azouz Saidane


Internet of Things (IoT) is increasingly deployed in different domains and environments including smart homes, smart cities, healthcare, industry 4.0, and smart agriculture, by connecting a large number of physical objects to deliver a new class of applications. The rising number of these connected objects and their heterogeneity have raised new research directions and challenges regarding their communications, scalability and the large amount of data that generate. As a result, new communication technologies have been proposed to be applied in these environments and applications, mainly to consider their main inherent properties which are the information that generate and handle, and the content that disseminate. Among the adopted techniques and recently integrated into the IoT is the Information Centric Networking (ICN) paradigm. The choice of integration of ICN in the context of IoT is mainly motivated by all the advantages it represents, in particular content caching and decoupling senders and receivers. In this paper, we provide a detailed analysis of the motivations behind using ICN in IoT environments and a survey of existing research work that have already applied ICN as a communication support for IoT applications.


Internet of Things (IoT) Information Centric Networking (ICN) Applications 



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Authors and Affiliations

  • Dorra Mars
    • 1
    Email author
  • Sonia Mettali Gammar
    • 1
  • Abdelkader Lahmadi
    • 2
  • Leila Azouz Saidane
    • 1
  1. 1.CRISTAL Lab, National School of Computer ScienceUniversity of ManoubaManoubaTunisia
  2. 2.CNRS, Inria, LORIAUniversité de LorraineNancyFrance

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