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Enhanced Performance Analysis of Inter-aircraft Optical Wireless Communication Link (IaOWC) Using EDFA Pre-amplifier

  • Mehtab SinghEmail author


Optical wireless communication (OWC) also known as free space photonics or free space optics is a data transmission technology in which information is transmitted between two points separated by a certain distance is space using optical signals as the information carrier and free space/air as the propagation medium. OWC technology can be deployed to achieve inter-satellite links, inter-aircraft links and terrestrial links. In this paper, the performance analysis of an inter-aircraft optical wireless communication (IaOWC) link has been reported under different system parameters. Also, an improved performance analysis of IaOWC link consisting of two aircraft separated by a distance of 100 km and exchanging information at 1.25 Gbps has been reported using OPTISYSTEM simulation software.


IaOWC EDFA SNR Receiver power Attenuation Pointing errors 


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  1. 1.Guru Nanak Dev University, Regional campusJalandharIndia

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