Dennis R. Young et al.: Economics for Nonprofit Managers and Social Entrepreneurs

Edward Elgar Publishing, Cheltenham, Northampton, 2019, 436 pp, textbook, $44.95 paper
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If you are teaching economics to non-profit managers or you are working for a non-profit organization or a social enterprise, it is a good choice to explore this book. Economics for Nonprofit Managers is a textbook which was first published in 1995 based on Young’s lecture notes for graduate students, but the examples, cartoons and case studies turn it into interesting reading as well.

The new, second edition is updated and extended to more than 400 pages, so it contains more topics and is adequate for the managers of social enterprises in addition, not only for non-profits. The main idea remains the same: to show how economics works in the two non-traditional sectors, the non-profit and the social sphere and how economics could be used to solve basic problems beyond the for-profit era. The new topics of twenty-first century show that risk, behaviour of economic actors and game theory have importance in modern economics for all fields.

As the first version of the book was written as a...


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