A systematic review on the distribution of Mycobacterium bovis infection among wildlife in the Americas

  • Susan C. B. Domingos
  • Herzem R. Carioca Júnior
  • Walter Lilenbaum
  • Myrna T. Santa Rosa
  • Cynthia D. Pereira
  • Luciana S. MedeirosEmail author


The occurrence of Mycobacterium bovis infection in wildlife places at risk livestock, public health, and ecosystems that house endangered species. However, data on wild species that may act as possible reservoirs in the Americas are scarce. This systematic review analyses the available data on wildlife in the Americas regarding the infection by M. bovis. We searched articles published in indexed journals using the keywords: “Mycobacterium bovis,” “wild,” and “animals”. After applying the keywords using online databases, during March and August of 2018, we found 12 articles which encompassed 15 species of wild animals, of which three consisted of wild ruminants. The evidence showed that M. bovis is present among the wild animals in the Americas. The methodological limitations for diagnosing M. bovis in wild animals are many, demanding the development of new and more precise tools. Furthermore, new researches are needed to elucidate the role of the wild animals in the epidemiology of M. bovis and its possible impact on production animals and public health.


Mycobacterium bovis Wild animals Diagnostics 


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  • Herzem R. Carioca Júnior
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  • Walter Lilenbaum
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  • Myrna T. Santa Rosa
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  • Cynthia D. Pereira
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  • Luciana S. Medeiros
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