Improved early postnatal nutrition and its effect on histomorphological parameters in the testes of Sanjabi ram lambs

  • Aliasghar MoghaddamEmail author
  • Mohammad Panah
  • Manochehr Souri
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The effect of an ad libitum supplementary feeding on some reproductive characteristics of ram lambs were evaluated. Twelve Sanjabi rams were allocated to one of two groups: control (C) and treatment (T). The control group received hay and the treatment group received hay and concentrate with gross energy and crude protein concentration of 4.52 Mcal and 16% of dry matter, respectively. At the end of experiment, after taking blood samples for determination of testosterone concentration (TC), all lambs were castrated and the testicular weight (TWT), testicular volume (TV), testicular length (TL), and testicular width (TW) were measured. In addition, testes were subjected to histological analysis. Body weight (BW), TC, TWT, TL, and TV in the T group were higher (P < 0.05) than the C group. However, TW was not affected by diet (P > 0.05). Animals from the C group presented lower numbers (P < 0.05) of Sertoli (SCN), germ (GCN), and Leydig cell numbers (LCN) compared to the T group. Also, seminiferous tubule diameter (STD) in the T group was significantly greater than (P < 0.05) the C group. TWT had a significant association with TC (P < 0.05), STD (P < 0.01), SCN (P < 0.01), GCN (P < 0.05), and LCN (P < 0.05). TC was correlated with STD (P < 0.01), SCN (P < 0.01), GCN (P < 0.05), and LCN (P < 0.05). STD showed close correlation with SCN (P < 0.01), GCN (P < 0.01), and LCN (P < 0.05). Also, SCN had a positive association with GCN (P < 0.01) and LCN (P < 0.05). A positive correlation was found between GCN and LCN (P < 0.01). In conclusion, the plane of nutrition of growing ram lambs enhances their growth and testicular development and probably will increases their postpubertal reproductive performance.


Prepubertal lamb rams Improved dietary intake Weight gain Testicular growth Sanjabi breed 



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