Experimental and Numerical Analysis of Soft Elastohydrodynamic Lubrication in Line Contact

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This paper describes an experimental setup that allows the observations of the stress distribution under soft elastohydrodynamic lubrication (EHL) in line contact by means of photoelasticity. This experimental method is rarely used in the EHL field. The photoelastic fringe patterns in the circular polarization are collected under different rolling speeds and loads. Numerical calculations are carried out to analyze the oil film thickness, pressure, and shear stress distribution. Compared with those results, numerical and experimental stress distribution are basically consistent. Some beneficial conclusions are obtained. These are helpful to investigate further the oil pressure distribution and directly observe the stress distribution under lubrication conditions through experiment method.

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\(c\) :

Stress-optic coefficient

\(D\) :

Model thickness (mm)

\({\text{de}}(x)\) :

Total elastic deformation

\(E\) :

Equivalent Young’s modulus (Pa)

\(f_{\sigma }\) :

Material fringe value [N/(mm fringe)]

\(R\) :

Radius of cylinder (mm)

\(h\) :

Lubricant film thickness (μm)

\(I\) :

Light intensity of photoelasticity

\(M\) :

Bending moment (N/mm)

\(n\) :

Rotational speed (r/min)

\(N\) :

Fringe order number

\(\rho\) :

Density of fluid (kg/m3)

\(\rho_{0}\) :

Density of lubricant under ambient condition (kg/m3)

\(\eta\) :

Viscosity of fluid (Pa s)

\(\eta_{0}\) :

Viscosity of fluid under ambient condition (Pa s)

\(p\) :

Lubricant film pressure (Pa)

\(p_{0}\) :

Pressure–viscosity coefficient of lubricant (GPa)

\(u_{\text{s}}\) :

Sliding velocity (m/s)

\(v\) :

Poisson’s ration

\(w\) :

Applied load (N/mm)

\(x,z\) :

Dimensional Cartesian coordinates (mm)

\(\sigma ij\) :

Stress component (Pa)

\((\sigma_{1} - \sigma_{2} )\) :

The principal stress difference (Pa)

\(\tau\) :

Shear stress (Pa)

\(\delta\) :

Phase difference

\(\lambda\) :

Wavelength of light (nm)

\(\varOmega\) :

Calculation domain


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The authors are grateful to acknowledge financial support by National Natural Science Foundation of China (Grant Nos: 51375167, 51575190).

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Correspondence to Yanfei Fang.

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  • Soft elastohydrodynamic lubrication
  • Photoelasticity
  • Stress distribution