Two cubane-like [M4O4] {M = nickel(II), cobalt(II)} complexes: syntheses, crystal structures and magnetic properties

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Two cubane-like complexes, namely [Ni4L4(HOEt)4] (1), [Co4L4(HOEt)4] (2) (H2L = (E)-2-((3-hydroxypropylimino)methyl)-6-methoxyphenol), were prepared under solvothermal conditions. Structural analyses show that complexes 12 are tetranuclear complexes with a cubane topology in which four M atoms and four µ3-O atoms occupy the alternate vertices of the cubane. The magnetic properties of them have been investigated. Antiferromagnetic interactions were observed for complexes 1 and 2.

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We gratefully acknowledge the financial support from the National Science Foundation of China (Grant No.: 21771061), and A Project of Shandong Province Higher Educational Science and Technology Program (J12LD54), the Youths Science Foundation of Jining University (No. 2017BSZX09) and Talent Culturing Plan for Leading Disciplines of University in Shandong Province.

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