Mixing-Limited Reactions in Porous Media

  • Albert J. Valocchi
  • Diogo BolsterEmail author
  • Charles J. Werth


Mixing-driven reactions in porous media are ubiquitous and span natural and engineered environments, yet predicting where and how quickly reactions occur is immensely challenging due to the complex and nonuniform nature of porous media flows. In particular, in many instances, there is an enormous range of spatial and temporal scales over which reactants can mix. This paper aims to review factors that affect mixing-limited reactions in porous media, and approaches used to predict such processes across scales. We focus primarily on the challenges of mixing-driven reactions in porous media at pore scales to provide a concise, but comprehensive picture. We balance our discussion between state-of-the-art experiments, theory and numerical methods, introducing the reader to factors that affect mixing, focusing on the bracketing cases of transverse and longitudinal mixing. We introduce the governing equations for mixing-limited reactions and then summarize several upscaling methods that aim to account for complex pore-scale flow fields. We conclude with perspectives on where the field is going, along with other insights gleaned from this review.


Mixing Reactions Upscaling 



The authors thank Dr. Tim Ginn and Dr. Branko Bijelkic for their valuable review comments as well as Artin Laleian for assistance in preparing Figs. 1 and 9. Work by AV and CW was supported as part of the Center for Geologic Storage of \(\hbox {CO}_2\), an Energy Frontier Research Center funded by the US Department of Energy, Office of Science, Basic Energy Sciences, under Award DE-SC0C12504. DB greatly acknowledges financial support from the US National Science Foundation via Grants EAR 1351625 and EAR 1417264.


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