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Alternatives of Energy Absorption Element Design Parameters for an Armored Combat Vehicle Seat Under Explosive Loading

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The principle of operation of a proposed energy absorption element alternative consists in conversion of ambush mine explosion-gained kinetic energy into the plastic strain energy of the material. The main factor controlling the element operation efficiency is the absorbed energy quantity, and its dissipation power is described by the element actuation force (element actuation loading) – displacement (strain) relation. The absorbed energy quantity can be increased by varying those characteristics, but the working length of the element (displacement) is usually restricted by the combat vehicle configuration and cannot be too large, and the higher actuation force brings about growing loads on the crew. In the case of the combat vehicle explosion, minimization of acceleration on the seat to the load levels permissible for the human organism is also of importance. The algorithm for optimizing the energy absorption element parameters is advanced. The qualitative criteria with known explosive loads can be used for deciding upon the rational parameters (design shape and dimensions, its material) of the element, which would be optimal under a given loading.

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Correspondence to L. S. Davydovs’kyi.

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Translated from Problemy Prochnosti, No. 6, pp. 106 – 115, November – December, 2019.

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  • anti-mine defence
  • explosive loading
  • energy absorption element of the seat
  • armored combat vehicle