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Oscillations Accompanying a He I 10830 Å Negative Flare in a Solar Facula II. Response of the Transition Region and Corona

  • N. I. Kobanov
  • A. A. ChelpanovEmail author


We studied oscillations related to flare SOL2012-09-21T02:19 in the transition region and chromosphere based on Reuven Ramaty High Energy Solar Spectroscopic Imager (RHESSI) and Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO) data, as well as data from the ground-based Horizontal Solar Telescope. We found that 2-minute oscillations triggered by the flare first appeared in the RHESSI channels then subsequently showed up in the SDO 171-Å and 304-Å channels and after that in the chromospheric He i 10830-Å line. The delay of the chromospheric signal compared to the RHESSI signal is 7 minutes, which indicates that the wave perturbation propagated from the corona to the chromosphere. We used the sharp increase in 3- and 5-minute oscillations during the flare in the lower atmosphere to trace the propagation of the oscillation trains to the transition region and corona. The results show that the 171-Å channel signals lagged behind the photospheric and chromospheric signals by 200 s on average. We suggest that we observed slow magneto-acoustic waves both in the case of 2-minute oscillations propagating downwards from the corona and in the case of 3- and 5-minute oscillations leaking to the corona from beneath.


Faculae–oscillations Solar–flares Solar–waves Propagation 



The research was partially supported by Project No. II.16.3.2 of ISTP SB RAS. Spectral data were recorded at the Angara Multiaccess Center facilities at ISTP SB RAS. We acknowledge the NASA/SDO and RHESSI science teams for providing the coronal observation data. We are grateful to the anonymous referee for the useful remarks and suggestions.

Disclosure of Potential Conflicts of Interest

The authors declare that they have no conflicts of interest.


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