A Methodological Toolkit for Science

Angela Potochnik, Matteo Colombo, Cory Wright (2019) Recipes for Science: An Introduction to Scientific Methods and Reasoning, Routledge, New York. ISBN: 978-1-138-92073-6, 336 pages, price: $49.95 (paperback)
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You probably know what science is. You can recognize the difference between a science like astronomy and a non-science like art history and even a pseudoscience like astrology. It’s likely you have a basic understanding of how the sciences work, and you’re conversant in the key concepts like hypothesis, theory, testing, and evidence. And you almost surely have some respect for science and its ability to deliver knowledge and understanding of the world. All of this means you would benefit from and probably enjoy reading Recipes for Science. This is true whether you are a scientist, educator, or student.

The three authors are philosophers, and their presentation of the basic structure of the scientific process is philosophy at its best and most beneficial. Important concepts that are generally taken for granted, in this case the nature and value of science, are clarified and questioned to make sure that we understand these things accurately and with the necessary detail to justify their...


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