The Development of Nuclear Physics Between the Wars

Roger H. Stuewer (2018) The Age of Innocence: Nuclear Physics between the First and Second World Wars. Oxford University Press, Oxford/New York, ISBN 978019882787, 512 pages, $US 55.00 (Hardcover)
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Roger Stuewer’s The Age of Innocence is an ambitious and uniquely panoramic depiction of the development of nuclear physics during the roughly 20-year period between the First and Second World Wars. Stuewer is Professor Emeritus in the Program of History and Philosophy of Science at the University of Minnesota and has a broad and deep background in physics, holding a B.S. in Physics Education and a double Ph.D. major in Physics and History of Science. He has spent a career researching and writing about the history of nuclear physics and is well known for his extraordinary dedication as editor from 1978 to 2015 of “Resource Letters” in the American Association of Physics Teachers’ American Journal of Physics. Stuewer’s editorial leadership resulted in the publication during that period of more than 180 Resource Letters written to guide physics educators through essential resources and research on specialized topics in physics. His contributions to the advancement of...


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