A (Really Useful) Companion to the History of Science

Bernard Lightman (Ed.) (2016) A Companion to the History of Science. Chichester: John Wiley & Sons, ISBN: 978-1-118-62077-9, 618 pages, price: $195.00 (hardback)
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All readers of Science & Educationare aware that history of science is very useful for teaching both about science concepts and methods, and more broadly about how science is—and has been—done. This is why many of the articles published in this journal draw on scholarship from history of science for various purposes. Many of these articles draw on the work and writings of important figures of the past and find useful materials for teaching science topics. Other articles refer to particular episodes from the history of science to show the important advancements of the past, or how scientific theories have evolved. Finally, other articles discuss themes, such as the relation between science and religion or science and culture, and explain the related issues from a historical perspective. And there is more. This is why contributions from historians of science with implications for science education are welcome to this journal, and this is why their collaboration with science educators...


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