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Profound Problems with (and Potentials of) Pressure in Analyzing Hydrostatics

Alan F Chalmers (2017) One Hundred Years of Pressure: Hydrostatics from Stevin to Newton. (Archimedes, New Studies in the History and Philosophy of Science and Technology, 51) Springer Nature, Cham. ISBN: 978-3-319-56528-6, 197 pages, price: $117.97 (hardcover)
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Book Review

As the title of the book already indicates, the author discusses the development of the scientific field of hydrostatics over a period of 100 years, namely, from 1586 until 1687, if we just stick with the publication dates of Stevin’s and Newton’s respective books. Yet, things are not that easy: evidently, there are relevant developments prior to the publications, and this book is far from being an easy read. Chalmers develops a narrative that combines profoundly the historical and philosophical aspects in the development of hydrostatics. The meticulous discussions of the historical episodes show the substantial analytical effort that is necessary to come up with a novel interpretation of this development. In doing so, Chalmers provides a study that produces a thorough analysis of the conceptual development that the main characters Stevin, Pascal, Boyle, and Newton had to master, but also shows, in this respect, the constraints that were overcome in the development of what still is...


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