Russian Physics Journal

, Volume 61, Issue 3, pp 498–502 | Cite as

Carbon Nanotubes/Nanofibers as Coil Macromolecules: Radius of Gyration

  • G. V. Kozlov
  • I. V. DolbinEmail author

The paper focuses on modeling carbon nanotubes/nanofibers in polymer nanocomposites representing coil macromolecules. It is shown that models used for the description of coil macromolecules in solutions can be also used to describe the structure of the annular formations of nanoscale modifying additions.


carbon nanotube annular formation coil macromolecule radius of gyration fractal dimension 


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Authors and Affiliations

  1. 1.Berbekov Kabardino-Balkarian State UniversityNalchikRussia

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