Russian Chemical Bulletin

, Volume 68, Issue 5, pp 887–910 | Cite as

Benzofuroxans: their synthesis, properties, and biological activity

  • E. A. ChugunovaEmail author
  • A. S. Gazizov
  • A. R. Burilov
  • L. M. Yusupova
  • M. A. Pudovik
  • O. G. Sinyashin


The review provides a brief historical background for the establishment of structure of benzofuroxanes. Methods for their synthesis are summarized, and the chemical properties are described, which are splitted into two parts: reactions proceeding with a ring opening of the heterocycle, and those occuring with a participation of the isocyclic moiety. The biological activity of various representatives belonging to the benzofuroxan series is covered in details.

Key words

benzofuroxan “hybrid” compounds tautomerism Boulton—Katritzky rearrangement Beirut reaction biological activity 


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