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Food leadership: Leadership and adult learning for global food systems transformation

Edited by Catherine Etmanski. Sense Publishers, Rotterdam, 2017, 170 pp. International Issues in Adult Education series, vol. 23. ISBN 978-94-6351-049-3 (hbk), ISBN 978-94-6351-048-6 (pbk), ISBN 978-94-6351-050-9 (eBook)
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Book Review

Food is an essential part of everyone’s life and therefore a topic of general interest which is linked to health and well-being, culture and tradition, science and ecology, agriculture, land use, business, global trade, politics and poverty, among others. However, food is also associated with serious social, economic and environmental challenges or crises. The fragility of food security and sovereignty in the 21st century urgently requires leadership1 and learning for transformation2 at both local and global levels.

Food leadership: Leadership and Adult Learning for Global Food Systems Transformation, edited by Catherine Etmanski, is a contribution to the publisher’s “International Issues in Adult Education” series. The book is a timely collection of examples of how food leadership can respond to the 21st-century challenges mentioned above. It illustrates how crucial learning, leadership and global citizenship are for the achievement of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals...


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