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Making a positive impact in rural places: Change agency in the context of school–university–community collaboration in education

Edited by R. Martin Reardon and Jack Leonard. Information Age Publishing, Charlotte, NC, 2018, 329 pp. ISBN 978-1-64113-222-0 (hbk); ISBN 978-1-64113-221-3 (pbk); ISBN 978-1-64113-223-7 (eBook)
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Book Review

In the preface to this collection of essays, the editors draw our attention to how valuable the smallest intervention can be to making a large impact on a child’s life. They also discuss the impact of large investments in education and the impact of collaboration between universities, schools and communities. What makes this collection of essays different from others is the awareness throughout of the term urbanormativity,1 when urban life and issues are seen in literature as normal, while what is rural is ignored or denigrated.

In Part I, Targeting Instructional Leadership, two essays review the benefits of rural school districts collaborating on projects that build on the educational assets and work to meet their unique needs.

In the first essay, authors Matthew Militello, Karen Jones, Lyndsey Dunn and Courtney Marshburn Moffitt discuss a powerful collaboration for educational change in their rural communities. The partnership among East Carolina University’s Department of...


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