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World Development Report 2019: The changing nature of work

By the World Bank. Washington, DC, World Bank, 2019, 151 pp. ISBN 978-1-4648-1342-9 (hbk). ISBN 978-1-4648-1328-3 (pbk), ISBN 978-1-4648-1356-6 (eBook), DOI:10.1596/978-1-4648-1328-3
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Book Review

Work is a central concept in the social sciences, particularly in economics (for its link to productivity), sociology (associated with social inclusion) and psychology (connected to identity); clearly, it cannot be reduced to a single dimension, even less so when dealing with the future of work, a demanding task that needs precision and coherence. The World Bank’s approach is embodied in the World Development Report 2019 (henceforth referred to as WDR 2019).

This report is a lively compendium of happy events affecting work throughout the world and expresses high optimism about the consequences of technology for employment across diverse national contexts. Its concept of work essentially reflects what happens in the formal sector of the economy. The publication consists of seven chapters, dealing with technology and the changing nature of work; the changing nature of firms; human capital; lifelong learning; returns “to work” (in the sense of returns oninvestment); social protection;...

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