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Romeo and Juliet in Palestine: Teaching under occupation

By Tom Sperlinger. Zero Books, Winchester, 2015, 157 pp. 978-1-78279-637-4 (pbk), 978-1-78279-636-7 (eBook)
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Book Review

This short, eloquent book recalls the experiences of author Tom Sperlinger in teaching English literature in the occupied West Bank for five months during 2013. It is a personal account and a very honest one, with much to say both about teaching and about life and politics in the West Bank, though the author is properly cautious as to what lessons might be taken from his experience, as well as about the assumptions he brings to bear in describing it. The book will appeal to adult education practitioners or anyone interested in either the transformative power of literature or the ground-level reality of the Palestinian/Israeli conflict. However, it is probably best read simply as a wise, thoughtful, sometimes very funny memoir of a teacher trying to understand and connect with his students, while overcoming a number of personal and professional challenges of his own.

Sperlinger, a Professor of Literature and Engaged Pedagogy at the University of Bristol, spent a semester as visiting...

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