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Timothy D. Knepper and Leah E. Kalmanson (eds.): Ineffability: an exercise in comparative philosophy of religion

Springer International Publishing, Cham, Switzerland, 2017, x and 288 pp, $109 (hb)
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This volume consists of contributions to a 2-year project (213–215) on ineffability by the Comparison Project at Drake University. Under the direction of Timothy Knepper and Leah Kalmanson, the editors of this volume, the Comparison Project aims to do philosophy of religion by comparing widely between various religions and human endeavors. The fifteen chapters are Knepper’s Introduction, his piece on Pseudo-Dionysius, and Conclusion, B. Stafford in a wide-ranging look at “the inexpressible,” J. Bellman on music, L. Komjathy on Dao, J. Hellweg on Cote d’Ivoire hunters, N.G.K. Singh on Sikh mysticism, Gereon Kopf on the Zen master, Dogen, A. Rambachan on Advaiata Vedanta, C. Janke on poetry, C. Owens on Samuel Beckett, S. Katz on Jewish mysticism, T. Albertini on Rabia Sufism, and L. Kalmanson on Comparative terms in religion. This volume is a precious contribution to thinking about ineffability. On the methodological level, Knepper does a good job of sorting out objects from...


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