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Mikel Burley (ed.): Wittgenstein, religion, and ethics

Bloomsbury, London, 2018, 288 pp. $102.60 (hb)
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Book Review

This recent edition on the relevance of Wittgenstein’s philosophy for religion and ethics brings together eleven, very engaging authors who discuss a variety of topics in these areas with considerable depth and expertise. I center my review around six topics that I find to be of interest and significance, and although there is a lot to agree with in the discussions of these topics, there is also a lot to disagree with. My overall judgment is that this volume makes an excellent contribution to the fields of philosophy of religion, Wittgenstein studies, and philosophical ethics, but those hoping to find applications for Wittgenstein’s philosophy in practical ethics, which is sorely lacking in the scholarship on Wittgenstein, will have to wait for a different book. This is not a critique of this volume, but only an observation concerning its philosophical orientation.

The first two chapters are mainly concerned with the extent to which Wittgenstein’s personal biography can be used to shed...



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