Reconfigurations of philosophy of religion: a possible future edited by Jim Kanaris

State University of New York Press, Albany, 2018, ix and 295 pages $25.95 (pb)
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Jim Kanaris’ introduction to his edited volume Reconfigurations of Philosophy of Religion: A Possible Future summarizes the overriding theme well, “[i]n some form or another each author wrestles with the question of philosophy of religion’s future.” (x) However, it is only, as the subtitle notes, a possible future. Here Kanaris also acknowledges that some readers might question the overall coherence of the volume. This worry is unwarranted, and as will be shown below this volume does an excellent job at drawing on divergent methods that come together with unified momentum.

The volume opens with an article by Morny Joy, titled “Re-envisioning Philosophy of Religion.” Here Joy leans heavily on Paul Ricœur, with an entire section devoted to him. The focus on the “other” and remaining open and critical to more comparative approaches is then extended from Ricœur to comparative philosophy and comparative religion. Joy notes, quite accurately, that “[w]hile the division between the two...



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