Selective production of hydrogen by acetone steam reforming over Ni–Co/olivine catalysts

  • Sanchari Basu
  • Narayan C. PradhanEmail author


Acetone steam reforming was carried out over olivine supported cobalt and nickel catalysts for producing hydrogen in high selectivity. The wet impregnation process was used for the preparation of the catalyst. The chemical and physical properties of synthesized catalysts were determined by BET, H2-TPR, SEM (coupled with EDS) and XRD. The reforming activity was examined at atmospheric pressure in a tubular reactor. The olivine supported bimetallic (Ni–Co) catalysts exhibited significant acetone steam reforming activity with around 99% conversion of acetone. Around 80% selectivity to hydrogen was obtained over bimetallic 5% (Ni25Co75)/olivine. A LHHW type kinetic model was established for the reforming process consisting of complex reaction networks. The activation energy for the LHHW model was found to be 63 kJ/mol.


Steam reforming Acetone Olivine Nickel catalyst Hydrogen selectivity Kinetics 


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