Quantum circuit design for several morphological image processing methods

  • Panchi LiEmail author
  • Tong Shi
  • Aiping Lu
  • Bing Wang


Morphological image processing is a relatively mature image processing method in classical image processing. However, in quantum image processing, the related results are still quite scarce. In this paper, we first design the quantum circuits of the two basic operations of dilation and erosion for binary images and grayscale images. On this basis, for binary image, the quantum circuits of three morphological algorithms (noise removal, boundary extraction and skeleton extraction) are designed in detail. For grayscale image, the quantum circuits of three morphological algorithms (i.e., edge detection, image enhancement and texture segmentation) are also designed. In the design of these circuits, the parallelism of quantum computation is considered. The analysis of the circuits complexity shows that all the six morphological algorithms can speed up their classic counterparts.


Quantum image processing Quantum morphological dilation Quantum morphological erosion Quantum morphological algorithm design 



This work was supported by the Youth Science Foundation of Northeast Petroleum University (Grant No. 2018QNL-08) and the Guiding Innovation Fund of Northeast Petroleum University (Grant No. 2018YDL-20).


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