Optimal fidelity for quantum teleportation protocol of an arbitrary qubit state affected by amplitude-damping noise: causes and results

  • Nguyen Van HopEmail author


The improvement of the average fidelity of the quantum teleportation protocol of an arbitrary qubit state has been researched. The initial quantum channel is chosen as the non-maximally entangled state, and this state depends on a free parameter. One qubit of this quantum channel is influenced by the amplitude-damping noise environment in the Markovian regime or the non-Markovian regime. The average fidelity is enhanced efficiently through the appropriately selected free parameter of the initial quantum channel. The optimization could not be attributed to the probability as well as the noise environment that makes the initial quantum channel becomes the closest quantum channel to the maximally entangled one. Our study shows that the average fidelity is enhanced as the quantum entanglement of the initial quantum channel is harmoniously redistributed into the entanglement of quantum channel influenced by the noise environment and the entanglement between each of the qubits in this quantum channel and the noise environment.


Initial quantum channel Free parameter Amplitude-damping noise environment Optimal average fidelity 



This work is supported by the Vietnam Ministry of Education and Training under Grant Number B2018-SPH-48. We would like to thank Nguyen Ba An for his interests in the manuscript.


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