Robust correlations in a dissipative two-qubit system interacting with two coupled fields in a non-degenerate parametric amplifier

  • A.-B. A. MohamedEmail author
  • H. A. Hessian
  • H. Eleuch


The collective model of two qubit systems with an intrinsic decoherence effect is analytically explored. Each qubit system interacts with two coupled fields in the non-degenerate parametric amplifier (via two-photon non-degenerate transitions). We investigate the dynamics of the Bures entanglement and non-local correlations based on the trace-norm measurement-induced non-locality and the maximum Bell function. Under different considerations (initial coherence intensities of the two coupled fields, resonance detunings, and intrinsic decoherence), the robustness of the initial quantum correlations is investigated. We show that the sudden death and birth of Bures entanglement, the stationary correlation of trace-norm as well as the Bell-function correlations can be controlled. The trace-norm measurement-induced non-locality presents a good robustness against the intrinsic decoherence and the detuning, unlike the maximal Bell-function correlation and Bures entanglement.


Qubit systems Intrinsic decoherence Trace-norm Bell function 



We would like to thank the referees for their useful remarks, which helped us to improve the manuscript.


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