QRMA: quantum representation of multichannel audio

  • Engin ŞahinEmail author
  • İhsan Yilmaz


In this study, quantum representation of multichannel aıdio (QRMA) that can be used in many fields in future is proposed. The QRMA uses three entangled qubit sequences where time, channel, negative and positive amplitude values can be stored. The three-qubit sequences are in basis state: \(| 0 \rangle \) and \(| 1 \rangle \). The preparation of the QRMA starting from the initial state \(| 0 \rangle \) is presented. In addition, multichannel audio is obtained from the QRMA quantum state. Several operations such as signal merging, signal addition, signal inversion, signal reversal, channel merging and channel reversal are studied on the QRMA. The simulations and the analyses show that the QRMA has more advantages than the other models in the literature.


Quantum audio Quantum multichannel audio representation Quantum multichannel audio processing 



We would like to thank referees for valuable suggestions.


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