Enhancing non-local correlations in a dissipative two-qubit system via dipole–dipole interplay

  • A.-B. A. MohamedEmail author
  • N. Metwally


The behavior of the generated non-local correlations between two qubits interacting with a linear/nonlinear cavity mode is studied. The behavior of these correlations is discussed in the presence/absence of the dipole–dipole interaction and the intrinsic noise. These correlations is quantified by using two versions of measurement-induced non-locality and the logarithms negative entanglement. The effect of the atomic and field parameters on the behavior of these correlations is discussed. The sensitivity of the used measures on these correlations are investigated, where different phenomena are predicated as collapse/revival, sudden death/birth and long-lived correlations. It is shown that, by switching on the dipole–dipole interaction, the amplitudes of the oscillations decrease and consequently the correlations between the atomic subsystem increase. Moreover, it overcomes the decay due to the intrinsic noise and inhibits the deterioration on the generated non-local correlation between the atomic system.


Non-local correlations Nonlinear interaction Dipole–dipole interaction 



The author is very grateful to the referees for their important remarks which have helped him to improve the manuscript.


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