Entanglement generation between distant parties via disordered spin chains

  • Guilherme M. A. AlmeidaEmail author
  • Francisco A. B. F. de Moura
  • Marcelo L. Lyra


We study the emergence of bipartite entanglement between a pair of spins weakly connected to the ends of a linear disordered XY spin-1/2 channel. We analyze how their concurrence responds to structural and on-site fluctuations embodied by long-range spatially-correlated sequences. We show that the end-to-end entanglement is very robust against disorder and asymmetries in the channel provided that the degree of correlations are strong enough and both entangling parties are tuned accordingly. Our results offer further alternatives in the design of stable quantum communication protocols via imperfect spin channels.


Quantum entanglement Anderson localization Quantum state transfer 



This work was partially supported by CNPq (Grant No. 152722/2016-5), CAPES, FINEP, and FAPEAL (Brazilian agencies).


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