Pairwise nonclassical correlations for superposition of Dicke states via local quantum uncertainty and trace distance discord

  • Youssef KhedifEmail author
  • Mohammed Daoud


The pairwise nonclassical correlations for two-qubit states, extracted from multi-qubit system with exchange symmetry and parity, are quantified by local quantum uncertainty and trace distance discord. The explicit expressions of local quantum uncertainty and geometric trace distance discord for Dicke states and their superpositions are given. A comparison between the two quantum correlations quantifiers is discussed.


Pairwise nonclassical correlations Local quantum uncertainty Trace distance discord Dicke states 


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  1. 1.Laboratory of High Energy and Condensed Matter Physics, Department of Physics, Faculty of Sciences Aïn ChockUniversity Hassan IIMaarif, CasablancaMorocco
  2. 2.Abdus Salam International Centre for Theoretical PhysicsTriesteItaly

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