One-step implementation of a multiqubit controlled-phase-flip gate in coupled cavities

  • Yaming Hao
  • Gongwei LinEmail author
  • Yueping NiuEmail author
  • Shangqing GongEmail author


Multiqubit quantum controlled-phase-flip (CPF) gate between atomic qubits is desirable for scalable and distributed quantum computation. Here, we propose a scheme to realize a multiqubit quantum CPF gate between different atoms, which are trapped in separate cavities coupled by short optical fiber. After a single-photon pulse reflected by the cavity-atoms system, a multiqubit CPF gate can be implemented by only one step.


Multiqubit quantum controlled-phase-flip (CPF) gate Quantum computation Optical fiber 



This work was supported by the National Natural Sciences Foundation of China (Grants Nos. 11674094, 11474092, 11774089), Shanghai Natural Science Fund Project (Grants Nos. 17ZR1442700, 18ZR1410500).


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