The Prevalence of Suicide Attempts and Independent Demographic and Clinical Correlates among Chronic Schizophrenia Patients in Agricultural Areas of China

  • Yi Zhong
  • Lei Xia
  • Tong-Tong Zhao
  • Yu-Long Zhang
  • Ye-Lei Zhang
  • Wen-Zheng Li
  • Yan-Qiong Hu
  • Xian-Hu Yao
  • Gabor S. Ungvari
  • Lloyd Balbuena
  • Huan-Zhong LiuEmail author
  • Yu-Tao XiangEmail author
Original Paper


This study investigated the lifetime prevalence of suicide attempts (SA) and independent demographic and clinical correlates in stabilized schizophrenia inpatients. A cross-sectional study was conducted in three psychiatric hospitals in Anhui province, an agricultural province located in east China. Psychopathology and depressive symptoms were assessed using the Positive and Negative Syndrome Scale (PANSS) and Hamilton Depression Rating Scale (HAMD), respectively. A total of 315 stable schizophrenia inpatients were interviewed prior to discharge. The lifetime prevalence of SA was 22.2%. Multiple logistic regression analysis revealed that female gender (P < 0.001, OR = 3.4, 95%CI: 1.9–6.0), being married (P = 0.02, OR = 2.2, 95%CI: 1.1–4.4) and having more severe depressive symptoms (P = 0.014, OR = 1.2, 95%CI: 1.01–1.3) were independently and significantly associated with higher risk of SA. Lifetime SA is common among hospitalized schizophrenia patients living in agricultural areas of China. For suicide prevention, regular assessments, appropriate interventions and clinical management should be integrated into a community-based psychiatric service model for this population.


Schizophrenia Suicide Risk factors China 



The study was supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China (No. 81771449), the Anhui Province Key Scientific and Technological Projects (1804 h08020263).

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