Efficiency of hospitals in the Czech Republic: Conditional efficiency approach

  • Camilla Mastromarco
  • Lenka Stastna
  • Jana VotapkovaEmail author


This paper estimates the cost efficiency of 81 general hospitals in the Czech Republic during 2006–2010. We employ the conditional order-m approach to assess how inpatient costs in a hospital translate to inpatient outputs considering its environmental characteristics. The outputs include quantitative indicators such as (i) acute patients adjusted for DRG case-mix index, (ii) nursing patients, and (iii) publications reflecting research activity of a hospital; but also a qualitative indicator (iv) nurses/bed ratio. Nonprofit hospitals, university hospitals, and hospitals with specialized centers are generally less efficient.


Efficiency Hospitals Conditional order-m Czech Republic 



We are thankful to Narodni referencni centrum and the Czech Ministry of Health for providing data. We are grateful to Mika Kortelainen and Valentin Zelenyuk for methodological consultations and providing their codes. We are also grateful to Finn Forsund and anonymous referees for their valuable comments and suggestions. Financial support from the Grant Agency of the Czech Republic No. P402/12/G097 and the Grant Agency of Charles University in Prague No. 336215 are gratefully acknowledged.

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The authors declare that they have no conflict of interest.


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