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On November 4, 2018, Roland Douce, Professor Emeritus at the University of Grenoble, France, died at the age of 79. In Grenoble, where he spent most of his scientific career, Roland Douce created a world-renowned school of plant science, studying the structure, functions, and interactions of plant organelles involved in photosynthesis, respiration, and photorespiration. His main achievements concern the chemical and functional characterization of chloroplast envelope membranes, the demonstration of the uniqueness of plant mitochondria, and the integration of metabolism within the plant cell, among manifold activities. Roland Douce devoted his whole life to science and research with passion and enthusiasm: he was a true charismatic leader.


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We deeply thank all friends and colleagues who expressed their wishes to pay tribute to Roland Douce. We also thank Marie-France Joyard, Ian Max Møller, Arthur Nonomura, and HP Siebertz for providing photos. Our special thanks go to Michel Neuburger and Richard Bligny for their invaluable contribution to this article. They were the first members (together with JJ) of the group set up in 1974 by Roland Douce in Grenoble.


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