Precision Agriculture

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Precision agriculture for sustainability

Dr. John Stafford (ED.) Silsoe Solutions, UK. Burleigh Dodds Science Publishing. Cost: £180 (20% discount to ISPA and I AgrE members amongst others).
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This book is part of an extensive series of publications on a wide variety food and grain crops, livestock by species, cultural practices, disease and pest management, and environmental issues. Organization of the book is in three parts; Information Gathering and Processing, Delivery Systems and Applications. Chapters within each part address specific topics related to some aspect of precision agriculture. A six-page Table of Contents provides a detailed list of contents within each chapter. A 12 page Index is provided at the end of the book to assist readers in searching for topics that are common across chapters. All materials are contained within the book’s 494 pages.

Chapter format is similar in that each contains an introduction that is followed by selected topics that describe the science and technology, followed by several case studies and related discussions. The end of each chapter includes a section on Current Status or Conclusionswhere the author(s) summarize the...

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