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Quasiopen Sets, Bounded Variation and Lower Semicontinuity in Metric Spaces

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In the setting of a complete metric space that is equipped with a doubling measure and supports a Poincaré inequality, we show that the total variation of functions of bounded variation is lower semicontinuous with respect to L1-convergence in every 1-quasiopen set. To achieve this, we first prove a new characterization of the total variation in 1-quasiopen sets. Then we utilize the lower semicontinuity to show that the variation measures of a sequence of functions of bounded variation converging in the strict sense are uniformly absolutely continuous with respect to the 1-capacity.

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The research was funded by a grant from the Finnish Cultural Foundation. The author wishes to thank Nageswari Shanmugalingam and two anonymous referees for giving helpful comments on the manuscript.

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Correspondence to Panu Lahti.

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  • Metric measure space
  • Function of bounded variation
  • Total variation
  • Quasiopen set
  • Lower semicontinuity
  • Uniform absolute continuity

Mathematics Subject Classification (2010)

  • 30L99
  • 31E05
  • 26B30