Photonic Network Communications

, Volume 37, Issue 1, pp 38–52 | Cite as

Performance analysis and comparison of optical signal processing beamforming networks: a survey

  • B. Elizabeth CarolineEmail author
  • Susan Christina Xavier
  • Arunachalam P. Kabilan
  • Johnson William
Original Paper


Forthcoming wireless systems are developed to support greater data rate and extra coverage area. This can be achieved with the help of multiple input multiple output and smart antenna techniques. One of the major rapidly emerging areas of communication is the smart antenna system which aids in attaining better coverage by increasing the signal strength only in the chosen direction. With effective optical beamforming techniques, the smart antenna systems demonstrate to be more competent in terms of excellence of signals in wireless communication. In this paper, a succinct outline of the smart antenna, an analysis and the comparison of different architectures of optical signal processing beamforming network (OSPBFN) is presented. The performance of OSPBFN is analyzed and the comparison is done for different architectures with the antenna radiation parameters. This paper can enhance the understanding of the ongoing research work in the area of OSPBFN.


Optical signal processing Beamforming network Smart antenna True time delay Optical ring resonator Fiber Bragg grating 


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